"Long Life and Prosperity"
Regan Carney & Mark Buszkiewicz

"Mark and I  chose to let the carving of a dragon in the back panel of the chair be a focal point. We used gold and copper paints to highlight the carving. The fabric for the chair seat was chosen to work with the color of the chair and to create a sense of elegance. We felt there was enough going on with the carving that more decoration would detract from the overall feel of the chair. Use this with good health!" 

Regan Carney and Mark Buszkiewicz  are a married team that have clay studios in Bay Artists’ Co-op and share display space in Gallery 220 in Bay St. Louis, MS. They have very individual styles, as Regan has a BFA in sculpture from Tulane University and Mark was a master woodworker and now designs and builds living structures. They have collaborated on a variety of sculptural projects, striving to blend their talents into a single voice. They may be reached at regancar@bellsouth.net (228.216.0210) or at ltlfrm@bellsouth.net (228.216.0366). Regan’s sculptural ceramics may be viewed on SouthernArtistry.org using her name.

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