Dia de Los Muertes Remembrance Chair
by Laurianne Manchester & Dixie Boyd.

In Mexico Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 2nd each year. Contrary to the name the day
is meant as a celebration of the lives of those loved ones that have passed. It is a day of festivities,
parades, altars, and food. This chair has a place for a photo on the front where you can put a picture of
the loved one (human or animal) that you want to celebrate. The chair itself is festive with color and
pictures. There are silver Milagros attached which signify “miracles”. This chair is meant to be a part ofyour home that symbolizes the memories of departed loved ones.

Laurianne Manchester and Dixie Boyd collaborated on this special chair. Laurianne is the owner of
Fiesta, a little store in the Bay that celebrates Mexican indigenous arts and crafts. She lives part time in
the beautiful artist town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Laurianne also has the honor of being the
daughter of the director of the Food Pantry, Frank Manchester.

Dixie Boyd is a long time Coast resident with an education in art and architecture. Her background
includes painting, design and pottery construction.

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