Folk Art Dolls on Chinese Chair
Deb Johnson

Chair: This is an attempt by an Irish Swede to create a folk art chair with a Chinese theme. The original restaurant chair was stripped of at least ten coats of paint and varnish, and then sanded, sanded, sanded! I used all of the materials and methods that I use in my work on gourds: acrylic inks, ink dyes, calligraphy inks, and wood stains on a woodburned and lightly carved surface. The only area lightly carved on this chair is the dolls' hair; the carved Dragon was a volunteer! I chose a doll theme, and a red color scheme because I thought it would help encourage my Mother, a Hancock Food Pantry co-founder and Board Member, to bid on this chair. 

I found a home at Gallery 220 on Main Street just when they were looking for a gourd art enthusiast late this past summer. My 'fine art' experience consists of teaching elementary school, pre-Katrina, in New Orleans, and at Coast Episcopal Elementary where my classes would come back from art class with Kat Fitzpatrick, and I would beg them to teach me what 'Miss Kat' taught them.

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