Zona Tropica
Judy Lee

"Some of the greatest competitions on earth take place in the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica. Hundreds of different species of trees contend for the light they require to stay alive. Eyelash Viper, Strawberry Poison Dart Frog and the green Tree Anole vie for survival in the undergrowth of the rain forest. The beauty of the flora and fauna hide the dangers of life in the jungle. Costa Rica has a higher density of recorded animal and plant species than any other country in the world.


"Wild Thing...Think I Love You"
Barbara Brodtmann

Because animals are a passion for me, I chose to represent indigenous animals from China. During my research I found images of a tiger and used those as the theme for my chair. I found materials and papers that represented  big cats, and the chair took on a life of its own. The chair is called "Wild Thing, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the creative adventure of creating it.

Barbara is a watercolor and mixed media artist. Her work may be seen at http://barbara beaudrybrodtmann.weebly.com, and she may be contacted at BarbaraBrodtmann@att.net.


Run Rabbit Run
Julie Nelson

"My chair was designed with my love of raku tiles in mind. The four rabbits are seen running into the future.  The two small tiles are the symbol for "rabbit" in Chinese characters. The attached Chinese proverb is my wish for 2011, "Year of the Rabbit."

Julie Nelson, a Kiln, MS. resident has been a pottery enthusiast all of her life. She is a retired Registered Nurse who now spends much of her time in her pottery studio. Her specialty is raku pottery with an emphasis on raku tiles.
Julie studied with Regan Carney in Bay St. Louis in 1998 and 1999. From 1999 to 2004 she was mentored in the art of raku by Joe Bernard of Lacombe, LA. In 2004 she moved to Waveland, and like so many others lost home and studio to Hurricane Katrina. In 2006 she was ‘adopted’ by the Minnesota Helpers who assisted her in re-establishing her studio at her new home in Kiln. She was one of several Gulf Coast artists featured in the Stephanie Watts documentary “The Art of the Storm” produced in 2006.
Julie has commissioned wall hangings at the Bay St. Louis and Waveland libraries. Her work is currently being sold at Gallery 220, The Social Chair, Antique Maison and People’s Bank on Hwy 90 in Bay St. Louis, MS.;  Rougerou Bayou Gallery at the Riverwalk in New Orleans, LA.; and Brown’s Fine Art Gallery in Jackson, MS. She may be reached by phone at 228-255-6055. Her e-mail address is nelsonpots@gmail.com.